El Roi, He sees me

As I come, as I go,

Ev'ry thought and word to be,

Ev'ry deed, He does know;

Ev'ry loss and heartache that I bear, 

When I'm cast down, He is there;

No hurt escapes His loving eye;

He knows my wounds; He hears my cry,

And He sees me.


My God, He sees me,

All my joy, all my pain;

His hands so lovingly 

Turn my trails into gain.

For without the pain and suffering, 

I'd not know what grace can bring;

The joy of knowing, just in part,

Greater depths of His loving heart;

He loves me.


My God, He sees me,

And my need for holiness;

What would seem like tragedy,

He designs for my righteousness;

It is not that we will understand His way, 

But that we trust Him for today;

Only He can see beyond and know what's best,

To complete our Christ-likeness;

He sees me.


El Roi, He sees me;

When I fall, He lift me up;

He gives me strength to be

What He desires; He fills my cup.

By His grace, in Him I do all things,

Only by the power He brings. 

Pressing on to His upward call,

Only Christ, He's my all,

And He sees me;

He loves me;

He sees me.


Copyright © 2014 Words and Music by Diane Sater, 1/5/11. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

He Sees Me

  • HE SEES ME—digital download

    After hearing a friend tell her story of a tragic and painful event in her life and how God ministered to her through the story of Hagar in Genesis 16, I wrote this song about "El Roi, the God who sees me." He sees and knows each and every joy and each and every pain we experience in life. He is a merciful and compassionate God who never wastes pain, but works each trial for our good and for His glory if we look to Him and trust in His loving heart. He desires to use all things to mold us into His likeness. In all your pain, trials, and suffering, I pray you will know the joy of El Roi, the God who sees you, and be forever changed by His mercy and grace.

    Genesis 16:14-16; Philipians 1:6; 3:10; 4:13; Romans 8:28